Marina d'Jorasco

Female Halfling Cleric of Olladra


Blond with green eyes. She is 3’3" tall and 35 lbs. She is approx. 25 years old. She wears rain resistant clothing and a hat.


Marina is a blond, happy-go-lucky cleric that has been running a lighthouse/Inn combination for her family while her father was away at war. When he didn’t come back from the war, she inherited the Inn. She and her many siblings rescue hapless ship wreck victims that get trapped by the rocky coastline near the light house, nurse them back to health at the Inn, then only charge what the person is able to pay. Her extensive extended family also own a small village near the Inn.

She got caught up with the group of adventurers and ended up giving the inn over to her brothers to run while she moved to the nearby city. She joined with the other adventures to buy and procure property and holdings in the town and she sends cash and supplies to the inn.

Although she is of the House Jorasco, she is not comfortable with making a profit from her healing and goes against the house in that area. She runs a small clinic to help with healing local families and the gladiators that train at her friend’s training facility.

Marina d'Jorasco

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